TINte Cosmetics Creator, Stacy Reid's Interview by Beauty Bites Blog

I am so happy to be bringing you this interview with Tinte Cosmetics, even though I have yet to try their products, I have heard wonderful things about this company. If you want a beauty opportunity with Tinte Cosmetics, please click this link https://www.tintecosmetics.com/wp/beautyinsider or view the video http://youtu.be/DDqeLhJd6qEhttp://youtu.be/DDqeLhJd6qE. Thank you for this opportunity Stacy. Now, I'm very proud to bring you my interview: My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business? I have been in the beauty business for 10 years now, before that I was involved in the fashion industry. What prompted you to start TINte Cosmetics? The inspiration behind TINte Cosmetics was that I could never find a lip gloss that could moisturize & heal my lips, and tasted good. It was at this point that I realized I had to create a gloss that nourished my lips, tasted great and looked beautiful. From this need TINtes Flavored lip glosses enriched with Shea Butter were created. How long has the company been around? 9 years. We launched in March of 2004 What inspires color choices for eye shadows and other cosmetics? Many things inspire our color choices. It could be a season, a bright color we see in nature or even a great color we see in artwork or clothing. Some shades may need to be adjusted so they complement all skin tones but we find inspiration everywhere. What is your most popular selling item? TINte Cosmetics is mostly know for our Flavored Lip glosses. We have several varieties but many women remember our Vintage slider tin packaging as a nostalgic item from their youth. They have to have it as brings back such sweet memories for them. We have created our vintage slider tin lip gloss with as much coverage as a lipstick would give you, so although they are based on the past the product inside is for the modern women of today. Basically, tell me the story of how TINte came to be TINte Cosmetics is a vintage inspired color cosmetics line based on simpler times & sweet memories. The inspiration behind the line was my very first lip gloss I had when I was about 7 years old. This amazing flavored lip gloss came in a little slider tin, just like what we offer now. I collected all these fun, delicious flavors like bubble gum, root beer, peach, dr. pepper and couldn't wait for the next flavor to arrive. It was these sweet memories that gave me the inspiration to create a nostalgic line that's fun yet sophisticated for the woman of today. Tell me a little about yourself and if others work with you about them also I am a woman always on the go so I keep this in mind when creating new products. When it comes to makeup I like products that are non -intimidating, easy to use and multi tasking. All our Independent Beauty Consultants what we like to call "Beauty Insiders" feel the same way. They love our multi tasking products and love the nostalgic feel of our brand. We recently created our Beauty Insider Opportunity to give women the freedom to start their own beauty business by sharing and selling TINte Cosmetics to their family and friends. Our new Beauty Insider opportunity is inspiring women to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. For more information on joining our team you can go to www.tintecosmetics.com/beautyinsider or view our video link at http://youtu.be/DDqeLhJd6qE