If we Only had a Time Machine! The Search for Flavored Lip Gloss

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If we only had a time machine what would we do? The search for Flavored Lip Gloss. Do you find yourself in love with a certain era? Do you long for the simpler times and wish you could be transported back even if just for a few sweet days? What would you do? Who would you see? And the big question is, if you could something back with you what would you buy? For me, I would try to relive as many fun filled summer days with my family and friends. Going to the beach ordering tortilla strips from the snack shack, swimming in pools until my fingers looked like raisins and I’d have to hit up the Hallmark shop in search of the next flavor of VILLAGE LIP LICKERS FLAVORED LIP BALMS in vintage slider tins. I would purchase as many FLAVORED LIP BALMS as I could fit in my Liz Claiborne purse. That’s what I would do, along with setting myself up to be an internet Billionaire in the future. Thankfully you won’t have to go back in time to find these slider tin flavored lip glosses. Eleven years ago TINte Cosmetics brought back a piece of nostalgia by relaunching the vintage slider tin FLAVORED LIP GLOSSES in the fun flavors that were around in the 1970’s & 1980’s. You will find yourself transported back simply by sliding back the tin lid of our LIP LICKING Gold Slider and taking a whiff of our delicious flavored lip balms. TINte Cosmetics offers seven different flavors in these sweet slider tins such as Cream Soda flavored lip gloss, Bubble Gum Flavored Lips Gloss, Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss, Peppermint flavored lip gloss, Root Beer Flavored lip gloss, Peach Flavored lip Gloss and Berry flavored lip gloss. These are not lip balms but more of a FLAVORED LIP COLOR that has the color and coverage of a lip stick. All 7 shades are ENRICHED with SHEA BUTTER and prevent chapped lips, we say it’s the BEST LIP GLOSS for CHAPPED LIPS. We also have the same fun flavors available in our FLAVORED LIP SHINE glosses plus we added in COCONUT flavored lip gloss, PINK LEMONADE flavored lip gloss, CAKE flavored lip gloss and CHOCOLATE flavored lip gloss. So your search is over you can find them all in one place at tintecosmetics.com. We’ve got you covered in over 20 different shades of Flavored Lip Gloss that guarantee to be Lip Licking Good! Apply and relive sweet memories!!