The Today Show features TINte Cosmetics Flavored Lip gloss 80's retro

today show tinte flavored lip gloss in vintage slider tins
jillmartintoday The Today Show features TINte Cosmetics Flavored Lip gloss 80's retro. The Today Show chooses TINte Cosmetics Flavored Lip Color in Vintage Slider tins, Flavored Lip Shines, Flavored Lip Gloss, Flavored Makeup and our Painted Lady Flavored Lip Gloss kit for Jill Martin's " 1980's Retro Beauty Segment" On The TODAY Show, Jill discusses everything from the latest trends to how to shop on a budget. Jill has co-hosted the 4th hour of the TODAY Show with Kathie-Lee Gifford and brings you the latest in Steals & Deals The Today Show features TINte Cosmetics FLavored Lip gloss 80's retro Natalie: On Jill's Must Haves, everything old is new again. from the pop collar shirts to big hair, the looks from the past are back. Jill, good morning. You are channelling your inner Lisa Welchel from " facts of life," Blair. Jill: I'm stuck in the 1980's. i have the denim shirt and the jeans. Natalie:You look good. I like it. Jill: We're going back in time. everything old is new again. Jill: Who doesn't want Flavored Lip Gloss & Makeup from TINte Cosmetics starting at $14 you see all the different versions here, remember the tins, vintage slider tin lip balms, this is great love it! Available at Indulge yourself and all of your friends with a bit of nostalgia with TINte Cosmetic's Flavored Lip Color in a vintage slider tin! This giftable vintage slider tin is a must have on everyone's list and women of today remember them as a must have item in their past. This Flavored Lip Color in Vintage slider tin was also featured on Today Show in December 2011. Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb & Sara Haines loved it so much it was added on their "Favorite Things" list. Pick up Peaches & Cream flavored lip color, Peppermint flavored lip color , Bubble Gum flavored lip gloss , Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss, Root Beer flavored lip gloss, Blackberry Jam flavored lip color or even Cream Soda flavored lip gloss! You don't want to be caught without our delicious Shea Butter infused glosses! The best lip gloss for chapped lips!