The Kiss that Started it All

The story behind TINte Cosmetics is your classic fairytale: boy and girl meet, fall in love, start a cosmetics line... Ok, so maybe not that part, but we're smitten nonetheless. Inspired by their own romance, Tinte founders Stacy Provines and her husband Matthew keep their products simple and sweet. This isnt just any love story; this is the story of Stacy Provines; founder and creator of the love-inspired cosmetic line TINte. Born in Los Angeles California, Stacy remembers always loving make-up. When I was little, Stacy explains. I used to play in my moms Indigo Earth powder and steal her sample lip sticksbut my favorite was always flavored lip glosses. It was at this tender time when Bonnie Bell was in every little girls purse including Stacys, that she knew that shed one day be involved with beauty. Stacy first started her career in fashion as a Senior Account Executive for renowned denim line Lucky Brand Jeans where she was able to travel around the world and find inspiration through the people shed meet along the way. On a business trip to Miami Beach Florida, Stacy, along with her girlfriends, planned a girls night out at ultra chic restaurant Mynt. It was here that she met and fell in love with her now husband and business partner Matthew. As Stacy explains, it was truly love at first sight and the pair have been together ever since, even naming one the first TINte flavored lip glosses after the first kiss they shared.peppermint flavored Mynt Kiss and started the line so they could be together on the same coast. Stacy explains Matthew supported and inspired me to pursue my dreams; through TINte we are able to build our life together Stacys idea for TINte Cosmetics revolves around making women feel great about themselves. TINte was created from a feeling of a simpler time, a time everyone cherishes, a memory of pure innocence, the essence of youth and freedom. Stacy is a modern day woman who remembers her first encounter with lip gloss, a lip gloss with the color, aroma, and flavor that launched her and a generation down the road to femininity. The idea behind TINte, Stacy explains. Is that it allows you to recapture that time of innocence, enjoy tastes, colors, and flavors, and enjoy that moment that brings you back to the memory of your very first kiss and the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the next flavor to arrive. With a fan base of clients from Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Nelly Furtado, and Cameron Diaz just to name a few, Stacy works towards the future by developing the brand into a full cosmetic line and touching women everywhere by offering the gift of nostalgia around the world.