Life, Love & Lipgloss

What other cosmetics line can boast a beginning rooted in romance, passion, and love-at-first-sight? TINte Cosmetics creator Stacy Reid met Matthew at a restaurant named Mynt while on a business trip in Miami Beach, Florida. They fell in love, married, and created TINte Cosmetics in order to live on the same coast. One of their first lip glosses was named Mynt Kiss in celebration of their first kiss at the restaurant. Matthew supported and inspired me to pursue my dreams. Through TINte we are able to build our life together, explained Stacy. Considering the story of its creation, its easy to see how the organic passion in TINte Cosmetics lends it a luster that surpasses its competitors. The cosmetics packaging is a retro throwback to when Stacy first remembers becoming enchanted with make-up. I remember my very first experience with a lip gloss, waiting for the next flavor to arrive, remembering how it used to smell it brings you back to that simpler time, Stacy said. TINte Cosmetics was created to be a flirty, passionate reminder of simpler times for the modern day woman. Stacy prides herself in creating products that are easy to use. Instructions are right on the eye shadow Match Book kits to create looks such as the elusive smoky eye. As well as its simplicity, TINte also combines the look of a gloss with the comfort of a balm. I was always in search of a lip gloss that moisturized my lips, Stacy said, and nothing ever worked for me. Id find great color but it would taste waxy. TINte lip glosses are made with shea butter to nourish chapped lips as well as to create flavors that are certifiably kissable. When asked about her These products are tested on boys, not animals policy, Stacy told me about the testing parties she would throw for her friends. Lip glosses are infamous among men for being sticky and weird-tasting, but Stacy told me how all of her friends would take home samples and come back exclaiming Oh, my gosh! My boyfriend will finally kiss me with lip gloss on! TINte was launched in March of 2004 with a road trip throughout the east coast. We went into stores with products and not one of them said no. We had twenty-five accounts in a span of three days, said Stacy. Were a growing brand. Any little step on the way to success is very exciting. The brand took off, boasting many celebrity fans like Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, and The Pussycat Dolls. Pittsburgh TINte fans can access Stacys creations online at Many different flavors and colors of lip gloss, lip colors, match books, face pearls, and accessories are available with a bath and body line coming soon. Were just as excited as Stacy about the birth of a new standard in the cosmetics industry. The passion evident in the TINte line is unprecedented. To slide on some TINte lip gloss is to take part in Stacy and Matthews life and love story, and MANIAC is honored to be involved. By: Jammie Mountz 2/14/2011