Vintage Slider Tin Lip Gloss

Vintage Slider Tin Lip Gloss

Vintage Slider Tin Lip Gloss became popular in the 1970's and 1980's.  Do you remember those sweet golden tins called Village Lip Lickers Flavored Lip Balm?  They were packaged in the cutest collectable slider tins and you had to have every flavor!

Each Lip Lickers Lip Balm slider tin was scented in delicious flavors like Bubble gum flavored lip balm, peach flavored lip balm, apple, strawberry , watermelon, spearmint, cherry and vanilla flavored lip balm to name a few.

TINte Cosmetics recreated that sweet feeling by bringing back those vintage slider tins in the same fun flavors you remember.  We offer a variety of flavored lip glosses, flavored lip colors & flavored lip shines.  Our Flavored Lip Color in our vintage slider tin has been seen on the pages of  In Style, Lucky, Marie Claire Magazines and has been featured on the Today Show  twice! The Today Show segment was for Retro 1980's beauty and our Flavored Lip color in vintage slider tins made Hoda and Kathy Lee 's  "favorite things list"

Now everyone can enjoy these fun flavored lip gloss in vintage slider tins.  TINte Cosmetics has grown with you!

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