Vintage Slider Tin Lip Balm

Vintage Slider Tin Lip Balm
Vintage Slider tin lip balm became popular in the early 1970's and 1980's.
When you think of vintage slider tin lip balm, memories come rushing back of warm summers on the lake, spraying Sun - In product in your hair and slipping on your new stiff flip flops. You know, the ones with the rainbows on the side?

These were the days when you only needed to have a few cents in one pocket for your Now & Later's candies, and the other pocket of your Chemin De Fer jeans housed your sweet vintage slider tin lip balm.

During this sweet decade a company called Village Lip Lickers launched a collection of vintage slider tin lip balms in a variety of sweet flavors. Bubble Gum flavored lip balm along with dr pepper flavored lip balm, vanilla, peach, strawberry, wild cherry, apple, butterscotch, grape and several others instantly became a must have item.

These vintage slider tin lip balms became a collectible item of every teenage girl and are still highly sought after today.

The feel of holding the gold vintage slider tin lip balm in your favorite flavor that week is still a sweet memory that we just couldn’t forget! That’s why in 2004 TINte Cosmetics launched our flavored lip gloss and flavored lip colors in vintage slider tins.

Our hydrating, moisturizing flavored lip glosses are the best lip gloss for chapped lips! and were chosen and featured on The Today Show’s “Favorite Things”!
Our updated version of these Vintage slider tin lip balms will bring you back to sweet memories of simpler times minus the Chemin de Fer jeans!

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