TINte Cosmetics Celebrates National Pink Day with flavored lip glosses

TINte Cosmetics celebrates National Pink Day with Flavored Lip Glosses- June 23rd is a day to celebrate all fun things that are pink! We offer so many fun pink products.

Starting off with our Bubble Gum Flavored lip gloss, in jumbo tube Bubble Gum Flavored lip balm Kissing Stick & Cotton Candy flavored lip balm Kissing Stick as well as our Watermelon flavored lip balm Kissing stick. And last but certainly not least our Lip Licking slider tin, Bubble Gum Flavored Lip gloss When you slide back the lid of this delicious tin a soft scent of pink Bubble gum flavored lip gloss comes out!

Don't forget we have tons of moisture inside each gloss and balm. All glosses and balms are packed with nourishing Shea Butter We say it's the Best Lip gloss for Chapped Lips Just ask our customers!

Hope you enjoy everything that is pink today!

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