Lip Licking Lip Balms in vintage Slider tins sooooo delish!

Why are our Lip Licking Lip Balms in Vintage Slider Tins sooooo delish?

You may wonder why our Lip Licking Flavored Lip Balms are so delicious?  Not only did we mange to bring back sweet childhood memories but we choose the best of the best flavors to use.

When  you slide open the lid of this special vintage gold slider tin with curly, swirly lines and you will find a passport waiting to take you back to the 70's & 80's.

Any woman today who is in their late 30's to early 50's remembers the Village Lip Lickers slider tin lip balms  and the sweet scents that waiting were inside.

Fragrance seems to evoke special memories from the past and our Lip Licking Vintage Slider tin in Grape smells just like a effervescent scent you used to get in the 80's when you would pop open the lid of a Grape Soda.  Our Vanilla Lip Licking Vintage Slider Tin smells like a sweet vanilla ice cream cone, Our Strawberry Lip Licking Vintage Slider Tin has the sweet scent of Fresh strawberries with sugar sprinkled on top, Our Bubble Gum Lip Licking Vintage Slider tin smells like s soft, fresh piece of pink Bubble Gum and makes you feel like you are ready to blow bubbles! Our Watermelon Lip Licking Vintage Slider Tin has that scent from the 80's of fresh cut watermelon tied up into one sweet flavored lip balm.  Flavored Lip Balm scents really do bring back memories and our Lip Licking vintage slider tin flavored lip balms do the same.

There's nothing like being transported back to simpler times by smelling our sweet flavors and hearing the the click, click when you open and close the lid of our Lip Licking vintage slider tin!


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