Flavored Lip Gloss

Flavored Lip Gloss TINte Cosmetics launched in March of 2004 with 18 delicious flavored lip gloss shades like Bubble Gum, Dr Pepper, Cake and Root Beer. Reminiscent of a simpler time these Flavored lip glosses bring you back to sweet memories of your very first lip gloss and your very first kiss.

We offer seven flavored lip colors packaged in vintage slider tins. Vintage Slider tin flavored lip balm became popular in the early 1970's and 1980's.  With the popularity of shiny lip gloss it spawned the birth Flavored Lip gloss & Flavored lip balms. Many flavored lip glosses came in fun roller ball packaging or chap stick looking tubes, then Village Lip Lickers arrived on the scene and launched with a line of flavored lip balms in cute old fashioned looking slider tins. They were a "must have "of every teenage girl and are still highly sought after today.  For many of us this was a tender time when these slider tins became collectable.  Not only were these flavored lip balms great on the lips but just to slide back the tin lid and catch a whiff of the sweet scent of Bubble Gum flavored gloss, Root Beer or Peach and cream is still etched in our memory!

We also offer 10 flavored lip gloss shades on our  jumbo tubes of flavored lip shine.  Flavors include Bubble Gum, Peach, Coconut, Root Beer flavored lip gloss, Berry, Peppermint, Chocolate, Dr Pepper flavored lip gloss, Pink Lemonade and Cake.

TINte Cosmetics Flavored Lip Gloss launched the same fun flavors you remember but updated them for the the girls who grew into women but still want to recapture that nostalgic feel from childhood.  TINte Cosmetics grew up with you!


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