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  • Prevent Dry Chapped Lips

    Prevent Dry Chapped Lips

    Wouldn't you like to know how to prevent dry chapped lips?

    TINte's Creator  Stacy Reid used to suffer from dull, dry. cracked and chapped lips and soon she found a remedy how to prevent dry chapped lips.  She tried every product from inexpensive drug store brands to brands found in the best department stores and nothing worked.  That's when she discover the secret ingredient Shea Butter!

    Shea Butter is mainly used in the cosmetics industry for skin and hair related products. The traditional use of the Shea butter is to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks, and to ease a variety of skin irritations, such as psoriasis, eczema and sunburn. Shea butter is ideal for the topical application of cosmetic and medicinal formulas, because it melts on contact and is readily absorbed into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue. It leaves your skin and lips moisturized and hydrated. It's the best way to prevent dry chapped lips.

    Each TINte Cosmetics flavored Lip gloss, flavored lip shine and flavored lip color not only taste great but are enriched with nourishing Shea Butter.  You need not apply any other products under your lip gloss ,we have all you need in any one single lip gloss from TINte Cosmetics.

    If you want to prevent dry chapped lips just try any of our flavored lip glosses and feel the moisture and hydration come back to your lips!



  • Vintage Lip Gloss

    Vintage Lip Gloss


  • Flavored Lip Balm

    Flavored Lip Balm


  • Village Lip Lickers Lip Balm

    Village Lip Lickers Lip Balm

    A decade of sweetness! Village Lip Lickers Lip Balm.

    In the early 1970’s through the 1980’s flavored lip balm and flavored lip gloss became the craze of every teenage girl. For many of us this was the transition that took us from childhood into our sweet teen years. Several brands launched products during this era. Clear flavored Kissing Potion in a sleek glass bottle with a roller ball applicator arrived in every drug store across the country. Bonnie Bell launched jumbo flavored lip balms that you could wear around your neck. Rachel Perry offered fun flavored Lip balms in banana & pina colada, cantaloupe and grape flavored lip balm. A company called Village Bath introduced a line of Flavored Lip Balms in golden slider tins called Village Lip Lickers and if you were lucky they made it into your stocking at Christmas time.

    This special slider tin lip balm became a collectible item and they still remain that way today. These sweet pieces of nostalgia sell on ebay a for a hefty price yet women will pay for a sweet memory that takes them back to simpler times.

    Remember Village Lip Lickers single flavored lip balms in gold slider tins?  These slider tins had a Saloonish old fashion feel and came in flavors of Spearmint, Bubble Gum flavored Lip Balm, Peach flavored Lip Balm Apple, Watermelon flavored Lip Balm, Vanilla Flavored Lip balm, Root Beer flavored Lip balm and Tropical punch. Lip Lickers Flavored Lip Balms also came in amazing larger metallic colored slider tins that offered two flavors inside. Those flavors included Cherry & Cola, Grape & Soda, Raspberry & Cream, Chocolate & Mint, Banana & Strawberry, Watermelon & Ice and Pineapple & Coconut.

    “You had to have every flavor” says TINte Cosmetics Founder & Creator Stacy Reid. “I can still remember just sliding back the gold old fashioned looking tin lid to reveal of the delicious flavor that was housed inside. I toted all the flavors around in my first purse, not even really wearing them just smelling them constantly. If you could get one of the double flavored lip balm slider tins that made it more special!” “It was such a sweet memory for me that I had to bring back this nostalgic piece of my childhood by offering flavored lip gloss in the vintage slider tins. TINte Cosmetics grew up with you by offering more color and coverage in our flavored lip glosses along with the sweet flavors you remember”.

    TINte Cosmetics offers seven different flavors in the vintage slider tins starting with:
    Bubble Gum Flavored Lip Color in vintage slider tin
    Root Beer Flavored Lip Color in vintage slider tin
    Cream Soda Flavored Lip Color in vintage slider tin
    Blackberry Jam Flavored Lip Color in vintage slider tin
    Dr. Pepper Flavored Lip Color in vintage slider tin
    Peppermint Flavored Lip Color in vintage slider tin
    Peach Flavored Lip Color in vintage slider tin and

    Apply these special glosses and relive your sweet memories from the 1970's & 1980's the decade of sweetness!

  • Peach Flavored Lip Gloss & Peaches & Cream Flavored Lip Color in Vintage Slider Tin

    Peach Flavored Lip Gloss & Peaches & Cream Flavored Lip Color in Vintage Slider Tin

    Want the JLo look? Then try our soft peachie shade for the perfect & natural looking lips! You will fall in love with this flavored lip gloss, it has the taste of sweet peach and vanilla cream! Nourish your lips with our moisturizing Shea Butter infused lip gloss! Best lip gloss for chapped lips! This flavored lip gloss in vintage slider tin has made the Today Show's Favorite Things list.

    Flavored Lip Gloss and Flavored Lip Balm became popular among teenage girls in the early 1970’s and 1980’s. During this decade many girls fell in love with the delicious flavor of sweet flavored lip gloss and Peach as well as Peaches and Cream flavored lip glosses were and still are all time favorites for girls and women of any age!

    In March 2004 TINte Cosmetics brought back those sweet memories by creating our Flavored Lip Gloss and Flavored Lip Colors. Flavored lip gloss is so sought after we launched it in 28 different versions!

    Try this natural looking peach flavored lip gloss in two different versions our Flavored Lip Shine version and our Flavored Lip color in vintage slider tin.

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  • Vintage Flavored Lip Gloss

    Vintage Flavored Lip Gloss

    TINte Cosmetics launched in March of 2004 with 18 delicious vintage flavored lip gloss shades. Reminiscent of a simpler time.

    Our Flavored lip glosses bring you back to sweet memories of your very first lip gloss and your very first kiss. TINte offers seven flavored lip colors packaged in vintage slider tins.

    Vintage Slider tin flavored lip balm became popular in the early 1970's and 1980's.  With the popularity of shiny lip gloss it spawned the birth Flavored Lip gloss & Flavored lip balms. Many flavored lip glosses came in fun roller ball packaging or chap stick looking tubes. In the early 1970’s through the 1980’s Village Lip Lickers launched with a line of flavored lip balms in cute old fashioned looking slider tins. They were a "must have "of every teenage girl and are still highly sought after today.  For many of us this was a tender time when these slider tins became collectable.  Not only were these flavored lip balms great on the lips but just to slide back the tin lid and catch a whiff of the sweet scent of Bubble Gum, Root Beer flavored lip gloss or Peaches and cream is something that is still etched in our memory!

    TINte Cosmetics also launched 10 shades of flavored lip gloss / flavored lip shines in jumbo sized packaging. Flavors include: Bubble gum flavored lip shine, cake flavored lip shine, chocolate flavored lip shine, coconut flavored lip shine, peach flavored lip shine, pink lemonade flavored lip shine, berry flavored lip shine, peppermint flavored lip shine and Dr. pepper flavored lip shine. TINte Cosmetics Flavored Lip Gloss launched the same fun flavors you remember but updated them for the the girls who were teens who grew into women.  TINte grew up with you!

    Our Flavored Lip gloss and flavored lip colors in vintage slider tins have been worn by your favorite Celebs. We’ve been featured on the on the pages of your favorite magazines such as Instyle, Lucky and Marie Claire magazines. Our hydrating moisturizing flavored lip glosses are the best lip glosses for chapped lips! and were chosen and featured on The Today Show’s “Favorite Things” List!

    Come back to a simpler time simply by applying our Shea Butter enriched delicious Flavored lip glosses.

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