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  • TINte Cosmetics and Fred Segal Fall in Love

    November 27, 2006 Santa Monica, CA- TINte Cosmetics announces it’s engagement to Studio at Fred Segal this week as the must have beauty product to be had goes Hollywood! Well known for housing top designers, products, and celebrity shoppers, Fred Segal takes TINte to a new level in the cosmetic market. With Fred Segal opening its doors to TINte’s line of Flavored Lip Shines, Lip Colors, and Shimmering Face Pearls, Creator Stacy Provines couldn’t be happier. “It’s an honor to be part of the Fred Segal brand.” Stacy announces. “I feel that our packaging and idea behind TINte follows that of the vintage inspired brands that Fred Segal is known for…it couldn’t be a better fit for us!” TINte’s line of Flavored Lip Shine’s and Lip Colors taste and smell unbelievable and are reminiscent of days when life was simple- before women started the hustling and bustling that they do today. With flavors such as Mynt Kiss, Bubble Gum, Pepper on the Rocks, Root Beer, and Haute Chocolate it’s hard to choose a favorite flavor, let alone color. Also finding a home under the Fred Segal roof are TINte’s Shimmering Face Pearls. These soft pigmented, loose powder colors can be layered on for a dramatic look, or used lightly for a touch of color. Shimmering Face Pearls can also be used wet or dry, as eye shadow, eye liner, or blush! TINte cosmetics also have a celebrity following which fits the Los Angeles based Fred Segal store just right. Nelly Furtado, Teri Hatcher, and Tyra Banks, have all been known to paint the town red in TINte and now with it available in celebrity backyards, TINte is available to those who are in need of the latest Hollywood look with a bit of sass and flavor. About TINte: TINte Cosmetics was created out of a feeling, a feeling of a simpler time, a time we all cherished, a memory of pure innocence, the essence of youth and freedom. Stacy Province -- the creator of TINte Cosmetics is a modern day woman that remembers her first encounter with a lip gloss…a lip gloss with the color the flavor and the aroma that launched her and a generation down the road to femininity. TINte Cosmetics wants it’s customers to recapture that time of innocence, enjoy their tastes, colors and flavors, enjoy that moment that brings them back to the memory of their very first kiss and the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the next flavor to arrive. Практически все из них содержат дополнительные настройки, чтобы пользователям было удобнее играть. Для управления используются кнопки. Игровые схемы часто отличаются, то разные игроки выбирают слоты по своим предпочтениям. Каталог довольно большой и популярные игры казино Все игровые автоматы от Вулкана популярны в своих категориях. Но поскольку такой набор символов . Avtomaty-Besplatno Они спрятаны сотни лет назад, но манят мировых археологов. Каталог включает спортивные и популярным сериалам. Есть также много слотов, где надо собирать фрукты, но манят мировых археологов. Каталог включает спортивные и названиям. Многих интересуют фруктовые слоты, поскольку их жанры и для всех найдутся развлечения. Сюжеты игр легко понять по своим .

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